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Frank H. Jackson CEO SBR Realty. Mr. Jackson in conjuntion with the Master Plan, he providesfinancial pro formas and assessments for the Villages and associated products. This has been and continues to be instrumental in securing funding and/or Joint Venture partnerships to further develop the overall project. Mr. Jackson has lived and worked in the Puerto Penasco area for 6 years during which time he has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Tourist Resort Development.

Fayth Moody. Has been with Sandy Beach Resorts for nearly 5 years. She is our Cholla Bay Sales Manager and is part of our Advertising Development Team.   She has a background in sales, management, graphic design, web site management, photography and acts as our event coordinator. She is also a licensed real estate agent in the State of Arizona. Her enthusiasm for our project has brought new and exciting ideas to our team.

Anita Kaltenbaugh. I work with the Resale Division of SBR Realty. I recently relocated to Puerto Penasco from Phoenix, AZ in April and I love it!!! I am originally from outside Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania and have traveled all across the states as well as Europe but I have fallen in love with the people, land and beauty of Puerto Penasco. I sold oceanfront property in the eastern shore of Maryland after college and am happy to be back doing what I loved most: coastal living, exploring a new country and helping dreams come true by finding beautiful homes for beach dwellers. I also have a background in  real estate  research and consulting, appraisal and negotiating contracts. My moto is to always remind myself that "Life is to short to really not  live it..."  So, I am living it at the beach and would be happy to assist you in finding your beach paradise.

Larry Miles. SBR Realty welcomed Larry Miles of Tucson in April 2004. After many years of working in rock radio and managing station 96.1 KLPX Tucson. Larry moved into the home mortgage business, which led him to become a source of home equity refinance money for buyers here. That association led to a natural transition into working part time on weekends selling in Cholla bay. Land and home sales in Cholla in 2005 provided the foundation for Larry to make a full commitment to SBR Realty, moving here as well. He is making Cholla Bay his permanent home with the construction of a house there, and thus is in Rocky Point full time to serve all of his client's needs on a daily basis. Larry excels at attention to detail and customer service.

Heather Heffernan . Choya Bay, Sonora Mexico. I am originally from Washington State, but have now lived in Puerto Penasco full time for 6 years. When my husband and I first moved here we owned and operated Pura Vida Sailing Adventures for 4 years before venturing into real estate with SBR realty. Puerto Penasco is a fantastic place to vacation in and an even better place to live. ˇViva Mexico!

Monica Carrillo . I have been in Rocky Point 7 years. I have been working for CASA BLANCA GOLF VILLAS for 2 years 7 months. I am very proud being able to represent an extraordinary resort like SANDY BEACH RESORTS. I welcome you to joins us in Rocky Point in the best and most successful development SANDY BEACH RESORTS!

Erika Quintana . Hi, my name is Erika and I'm so happy for be a part of this team of SBR Realty, since I'm working here I see a lot of progress in properties, lots, and condos; a lot of people came with dreams, and we try to affer to you good prices, places, and all the things you need for stay in a tranquility and save town. With we're going to have you don't need to move from your location for get what you want. Let us be a part of your life!!

Earelys A. Murrieta. I have 3 years leaving in Rocky Point. I only came for vacation, and I loved it, so I stayed. I got the opportunity to join the SBR Realty at Sandy Beach Resorts in February 22nd, 2005. Since that time, I have seen and experience an extremely growth. Every month I hear new projects, new resorts, and more tourist coming to invest at Sandy Beach. What more can I say, Sandy Beach offers you an amazing beach front condominiums, the firts commercial Plaza and much more to come near you!!!!!! Your BEST CHOICE TO INVEST is here at SBR Realty. "Sandy Beach is growing and growing fast"

Brian Heffernan. Puerto Penasco is a special meaning to Brian Heffernan. It was here that he met and married his wife Heather. They became permanents residents of Puerto Penasco 6 years ago. Originally from michigan the great lakes state, Brian heart the call of the sea and this began his life long passion for sailing,

Cancio Hector K. I am a new resident of Puerto Penasco, I have only moved here a year. When I was kid we came here a few times, but wow, what a massive change since then! I am happy to join such a cooperative team at SBR. Its great to move by the beach, drop on by, and I´ll be happy to help you make your vacation dreams become a realty!

Keimel Ana J. I grew up in southern Salifornia, so from a very early age I was exposed to mexican culture. At 18 I visited Puerto Vallarta and that was it. I was hooked on Mexico!! From that point on I started studying spanish because I wanted so much to be achieve a degree in Economics and business from U.C.L.A., and took all the spanish courses I could! After graduating I had a chance to teach english to business professionals in Costa Rica. My six month contract ended up turning into a thirteen year stay, eight of which were spent managing a small hotel and restaurant on a beautiful beach, marrying a Costa Rican, and eventually having a son who is now completely bilingual at three years old. To come full circle, I am very happy to be back in mexico full time, helping people, fulfill their dream of having their own little piece of the beach life-mexican style.

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